Goodbye Limerick

This post is by Dar Si Hmad Ethnographic School Manager, Maisie Breit


There were some amazing students that I knew

Who came to Morocco, as an all-girl crew.

While today was the end of one part,

for another, it’s only the start.

And so this poem I dedicate to all of you.


Mervian has so much to say,

and is hysterical in every way.

So fast-paced is her mind.

sometimes we need a rewind.

But we love hearing from her everyday!


Anyx is a lady who knows how she feels.

She’s honest, but careful how much she reveals.

And through some highs and some lows,

I’ve watched her question what she knows,

And challenge her own ideals.


Kemeria is our big helper star,

And wow what a boss lady you are.

In even the toughest case

She’ll have a smile on her face

Without her help, we would not have come far.


Nasya started a little bit quiet,

showing frustration with the Moroccan diet.

But she’s come out of her shell,

She expresses herself so well!

Hearing from her is a riot.


Sandra has been so understanding and tough.

Switching houses for her started rough.

But with such strength and grace,

she found her sense of place.

She’ll be back to Morocco, I’m sure enough.


Delia could never get enough rest.

She was an eager and adventurous guest.

She would never say no,

Everyone yalla, let’s go!

Yet never got herself stressed.


Suad was a joy to be around.

Her enthusiasm and love did abound.

As each day went by,

something else caught her eye

It was infectious, the excitement she found.


I hope to hear from you girls all the time!

It’s been an honor to see you all shine.

Please send me messages, bizaff.

I’ll miss you making me laugh.

I consider you all, friends of mine.





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