Farewell and Bslama!

This Blog entry is by WGEI Participant Mervian Smith

mervian tagine

This trip has been fun but also mind and heart cleansing , whether it was from going to Dar Si Hmad, the excursion to Sidi Ifni or doing morning check ins. We have created strong relations, enhanced our intelligence levels, and discovered a new way of life.


We have noticed we have a room full of bold personalities and feisty lovable attitudes. We also took time to embrace and discover each other’s characteristics like Suad’s confidence and open mind, Delia ‘s boldness and leadership skills, Sandy’s caring and supporting personality, Kemeria’s momma vibe and protectiveness, Anyx’s politically thinking, Nasya’s cuteness and beautiful personality when she gets out of her comfort zone and Mervian’s hilarious jokes. We developed strong connections with very friendly and accepting host families that we are going to miss so much and appreciate our wonderful support systems , our chaperons and how they all have extremely different character traits. We love how organized and determined Samantha is, Sara’s listening and encouraging skills and overall positivity also how concerned and sarcastic Ms.Kirk is and how she always tries her best to get things done for us and how Maisie is always there for us even if she is sick she is always at our service and does her best to help.

However, a surprising change had a large effect on my overall host family experience. Let’s just say now I have successfully developed connections with two amazing and loving host families. The families have lots of differences but still a few similarities which made adjusting an extremely difficult task to take on. I luckily wasn’t left to experience the change along but with another student only problem is I had an additional person to attempt to befriend. So I had to put my communication skills to the test or actually develop some.

My first host family connected a lot so naturally, so our bond was honestly unbreakable . We were a house full of girls with a couple younger boys so we felt like free spirits and had lots of girl time , conversations, freedom to express ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin. My second host family is amazingly very family oriented and intelligent. All the girls have found compromising ways to become comfortable around each other whether it was from being in the same host families or seeing each other most of the time at Dar Si Hmad. We have found ways to solve problems on our own or take matters into our own hands when adult guidance wasn’t available.

I think we are proud to say that in Morocco there wasn’t an opportunity we allowed to slip away or a challenge we didn’t successfully accomplish. The best experience we had together I think would be the hike and swimming in the valley. They were so uplifting, relaxing and had very peaceful scenery. Long story short, our heart – filled adventure is coming to a close. It is very difficult to write about the ending of our journey when it is still beginning.



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