Visit to local NGO

This Blog Post is by WGEI Participant, Nasya Watson

On July 25, the students of Dar Si Hmad were given a lecture on Migration and the effects it has on people in Morocco. The lecture gave us information on how people from North Africa struggled to migrate into Europe. They often had to travel through Morocco to reach that area, and if families were to host these people then they would have to pay a fine of almost 1,000 dh. Some people were stopped halfway through their journey and some went through harsh climates just to reach their destination. The students were also told about some children in Morocco have very limited access to education.


Afterwards, the students were then treated to a delicious meal for lunch that included chicken, salad, and macaroni. We talked and laughed, enjoying our time with each other before taking a short break to prepare for our departure to the village of Ait Amira.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

We drove for about an hour before reaching our destination. There, the students along with Maisie, Samantha, and everyone else, were given a wonderful presentation by one of the members on the work the organization does, specifically for migrant communities in the region. Once the presentation was over, the students met with an organization called the L’Association Anouav touzaikou pour le developpement et la Cooperation, with a total of four young women. Each member, including the Dar Si Hmad students, introduced themselves one by one—allowing each person in the program to know one another.


The Dar Si Hmad students and the organization enjoyed a small snack with a water and Sprite, this gave the group a chance to have small talk with each other for a while. After snack time, the L’Association anouav touzaikou pour le developpement et la Cooperation group and the Dar Si Hmad students stepped outside to receive a “Clean & Green” shirt. They were then placed into four teams, (Two students from Dar Si Hmad and one from the organization) each team was given a specific category of trash that is found mostly everywhere like plastic, glass, etc. The four teams had a cardboard box handed to them, their job was to write the name of the trash category they were given and to draw examples of that category all over the box. Once everything was completely and done, the students of Dar Si Hmad bid farewell to the members of the organization before returning to Agadir. The students of Dar Si Hmad had a great time doing the activity and were grateful to know the importance of recycling.


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