Sidi Ifni!

This blog post is by WGEI participant Sandra Cuin

Goodbye Agadir and Hello Sidi ifni !!
We started the day with a great lecture about the education system in Agadir and Amazigh culture. Afterwards we went for a great lunch at the souq and had tahjin. After lunch, we headed back to Dar Si Hmad and waited for Abderrahmane, our driver, and we headed out for another road trip.

Lunch at the souq:


Next stop Sidi Ifni!! After some naps, listening to music, and drawing on the ride to Ifni, I was awoken to a stunning view of the ocean. The house the students stayed in was radiant, with colors everywhere. Later that day as we all settled in and headed to La Fondation where we had dinner cooked by Hadda. The day was not over after that: there was live music at the leader’s hotel and everyone went to go watch. Soothing music coming from the band provided a great atmosphere as well as low lights and candles burning, with great Moroccan tea. A couple of songs passed by but all the students had a curfew because we had a big day ahead of us.
WGEI ladies got to see the Fog Nets!!! Getting to have the privilege of seeing the fog nets in person and how everything works was hard but worth it. The ladies and I were challenge-ready, for many of us it was our first time hiking a mountain. I may say this was tough for my team but it didn’t matter, because we kept having breaks, we all supported each other, helping and encouraging each other step by step. We finished about half of the trail and then the donkey that started with us decided to let us ride him, taking turns about all of us got a bit of a help thanks to the donkey Sya named “donkly.”


Once we got to the top of the mountain and were finally done with the hike we all celebrated and had delicious loubea, a white bean stew, for lunch. We met with Dar Si Hmad’s local liaison Zaina, and she told us about her experiences as one of many females who went from not having easy access water to now having it at her house.

made it to the top

Following a well-needed rest for it was time to finally see the nets !!! The nets are the future if I may say, these nets WILL be famous in a couple of years and I myself will be proud to say that I got to see them in person.

learning about nets

YALLA YALLA as we finished and closed out the lecture on the fog nets and hopped on to the Jeep and went down to the van so we could head back home! Before getting back to our beach house in Sidi Ifni we drove straight to La Fondation for dinner. We finished the night with a game of pool with our driver Abderrahmane and a friend of his.
The next day, our final stop on the way home was to the Silver Market in Tiznit. Sparkles were everywhere, and I’m not going to lie it was a bit overwhelming, trying to buy souvenirs for my loved ones was hard — I might end up keeping the things I got and get them something else!
The ladies of ATL and Nola had one of the best weekends thanks to Dar Si Hmad, so many emotions memories we all will look back at. Knowing we’ve accomplished a tough challenge that was thrown at us but we didn’t let it beat us — together we all pick each other up.

View from the top!:



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