Excursion to Taroudant

This Blog entry is by Delia Mendez:

Week two is almost over! Last Saturday we went to Taroudant for the day.

We spent a day long excursion going through the Medina ( a walled city) of Taroudant  with a very informative tour by Dar Si Hmad’s very own Founder/President alongside staff member Khadijah, who currently lives in Taroudant. Enjoyed a zween ( good) lunch that included a beef tagine, a salad, and refreshing fruit to top it all off. After enjoying our lunch we left to the tannery which was followed by a musical performance and even got henna done.


group taroudant


The girls and I didn’t really know what to expect due to the climate that we may have been coming across with but like the “real troopers” we are, quoted by Maisie, we got through it. Our tour of Taroudant consisted of going around the city learning about the house of  the king’s wife, background information about certain buildings that are now completely different from what they were in the beginning, and visited the souq were we had some leisure time to get some souvenir shopping done. We definitely stopped many times during the tour to get some and well it’s fair to say many candid group shots as we closed our Medina tour. Before leaving, we visited a tannery where we saw the tedious process of how leather is made and the final product.



During our visit of the tannery we got the full experience and the behind the scenes action of all that it takes to make leather and precious bags, wallets, shoes, belts ,etc. Towards the end of our tannery tour we had a special band performance of traditional Moroccan music which gave us a closer look of the culture and of the different types of music there are in Morocco. Thanks to wonderful Khadijah, she gave the ladies and I a surprise of getting us henna tattoos done while listening to the music. We definitely enjoyed our time in Taroudant! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip brings!!



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