First few days in Agadir!

This blog entry is by WGEI participant, Kemeria Abdella:

It’s finally Friday! After our lecture on the history of Amazigh people, we had benin(delicious) couscous at Dar Si Hmad. Couscous is a Moroccan dish which consists of small balls of crushed durum wheat semolina  boiled and steamed in multiple iterations and topped with a meat and vegetable stew. Our wonderful cook Hadda prepared our couscous with turkey and a variety of yummy vegetables. To say we were satisfied is an understatement.



We had an awesome tour at the Museum of Amazigh Culture. History is always intriguing in every perspective. We were taught about the strong Amazigh woman and their beautiful jewelry which had a multipurpose use, such as fighting and holding clothes together. All of the jewelry was made out of silver because the Amazigh people had silver mines and we’ll be able to visit the silver market in Tiznit next week too! It was interesting to learn the number of things that symbolized fertility and protection.

After the museum, we went to the Marina! As someone who loves long walks on the beach, I would have to come back at a different time because it was so packed! We were able to explore the different stores at the marina but old habits die hard because we ended up at ZARA. Although the water was cold and there were thousands of people there, the sound of the ocean was extremely calming and peaceful. We took so many pictures and had fun getting our feet wet.


It has been amazing so far learning about the Moroccan culture and customs! The best way we’re learning is by living with our host families. The conversations during dinner bring laughter to my heart. Even with the low language proficiency from both sides, we never fail to make each other laugh and have meaningful conversation. So excited for Taroudant on Saturday!



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